Strand STARS

Strand S.T.A.R.S.

For every successful endeavor, there are essential components behind the scenes, diligently striving to make a vision become a reality.  without these active supporting facets, our visions are only a figment of our imagination.  As always, monetary resources fuel the creative plans and designs that will come to life.

As a result, families, friends, neighbors and children reap the reward through performance or attendance.  STAR sponsors are the building blocks who assist in securing the Strand Theatre’s foundation for success and longevity.

Hats off to the Strand STARS for believing in us and choosing to be instrumental in keeping the doors open and allowing us the opportunity to live up to our 1939 motto:  Always a Good Show.

Thank you!

Strand Theatre Active Resource Supporters

Silver Level 2011-2015

Ralph and Emily Johnson

Rick and Ann Jones

Bob and Carolyn Gafford

Jim and Evon Oliver

Strand Portable Dance Floor

Landis and Janet Turner

Strand Marquee Fund

Mrs. Jana Grimes

The Elephant Sanctuary

Stephen L. Bates

S.T.A.R.S. Program Levels

Call to become a Strand STAR at the Platinum, Gold or Silver STAR level.  Contact Theatre Manager Scarlette Woodall for information by calling 931-628-8277.  Thank you for your consideration.